Workshop announcement

June 21, 2018 – 10:26 am

A Workshop on and with Anthony Chemero

Wednesday June 27 and Thursday June 28

Location: The Boardroom, Computer Science Building, UCD (Room 2.24 on the second floor of the CS Building).


Wednesday June 27

10.00- 11.00 Anthony Chemero

“The Intertwining: Themes from Embodied and Social Cognition, Phenomenology, Enactivism, and Feminism”

11.00 –11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.30 Juan Loaiza (Independent)

“Constraints and temporal ranges in musical interaction”

Background Reading:

Bruineberg, J., Chemero, A., and Rietveld, E. “General ecological information supports engagement with affordances for ‘higher’ cognition”, Synthese, in press.

12.30 Lunch

2.00-3.00 Robert Foley

“Visual illusion, perception-action dissociations, and direct perception. ”

Background Reading: Favela, Luis H., and Anthony Chemero. “An ecological account of visual “illusions.”.” Florida Philosophical Review 16 (2016): 68-93

3.00-3.30 Coffee Break

3.30-4.30 Fred Cummins (UCD)

“A joint speech perspective on embodiment”

Background Reading: Dipping into Radical Embodied Cognitive Science, 2009, MIT Press

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Thursday June 28

 10.00 -11.00 Tim Mooney (UCD)

“Motor Plans as Schematisations”

Background Reading: Chapter 5 of Stephan Kaufer and Anthony Chemero (2016) Phenomenology: An Introduction,

11.00 – 11.15 Coffee break

11.15- 1.30 Graduate Sessions

Johnathan Mitchell

“The implications of enactivism for disability”

Meline Papazian

“Chemero’s Empathy”

Austin Dwyer

“From Extended Skilful Systems to Collective Skill”

1.30 Lunch Break

2.30-3.30 Elisa Magri (UCD and IRC)

“Situating habit and attention. A phenomenological take on the landscape of affordances”.

3.30 – 4.30 Marek McGann (University of Limerick)

“Making a virtue of vague: More and less specific environments in Chemero’s cognitive science

Background Reading: Baggs, E., & Chemero, A. (2018). The third sense of environment. PsyArXiv

4.30-4.45 Coffee Break

4.45- 5.45 Jim O’Shea (UCD)

“Neutral Monism and Radical Embodiment”

Background Reading: Michael Silberstein and Anthony Chemero “Extending

Neutral Monism to the Hard Problem”.

6.00 Drinks in the Common Room

7.30 Dinner (Please confirm dinner attendance with

All Welcome


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