The Embodied One, Physics, and Mathematics

Following from my perplexity at the incredible way we talk about seeing, and perception, and minds, I am here exploring a fundamentally embodied stance, and asking what consequences follow. These are exploratory amusements, but they set the stage for a confrontation that has not yet happened: between the three fundamental domains of mathematics, physics, and embodied cognitive science.

In the first video I wonder what it means to be One Without Another, or what ONE means:

In Video 2, these ruminations on the continuum and the ONE lead me to identify a future dialogue between Mathematics, Physics and 1E Cognition. Let’s just call the peculiar stance taken here with respect to the body 1E cognition for fun.

In the third video I address the issue of how space is measured in physics using an imaginative construct that readily leads us to forget our material attachments.

In Video 4, we dig into the imagination, space, and the big question of “Which Way Is Up?”

Video 5 now turns to three dimensional space considered geometrically, but with special attention to the manner in which space arises for a body of the kind we have.

In Video 6 we take a moment to appreciate the imaginative genius of Johannes Kepler.