I am a cognitive scientist, father, two-bit philosopher, and bad artist from Dublin, Ireland.  My principal professional interests lie in helping to develop a cognitive science that goes beyond the limitations of a Christian and Cartesian view of mind and matter.  I have particular interests in coordination within and among people, in the links between rhythm, speech, and language, and in philosophical foundations such as enactive theory. I see my work as a small contribution to the exploration of the thesis that mind and life are inseparable. When discussion turns to the vexed notion of representation, I prevaricate, flap my hands, and say “it’s complicated.” I think in terms of dynamic systems theory, and have a secret crush on Pythagoras.  That all sounds far too programmatic.  It’s simpler than that. I don’t believe in individual minds.

My research is currently focussed on the rich topic of joint speech, where two or more people say the same thing at the same time. This includes chanting, prayer, recitation, and the like, and it is a special case of the more general domain of highly synchronized activity. This rich and understudied topic requires us to reevaluate our assumptions about the individuals and collectives.

My professional activities are described in the above tabs.  Links to various websites I maintain, contribute to, or am in some way associated with are on the right.

In 2016/2017, I am setting about writing a book on the topic of Joint Speech.  This will limit my ability to engage in productive collaborations, but nevertheless I am always interested in the opportunity for collaboration on any of  a number of projects in the area of joint speech and the technological support of synchronized activities.

Some recent talks are linked here, and my publications are almost all available here.

I have built a connectionist simulator for use in teaching the basics of artificial neural networks. Basic Prop. The current version is 1.3. Let me know if you use it.